NEW champion design leaked from hackers!!!

Riot leaked latest champion design!!! Name: The Compass Q: Can teleport to location on the map of visible enemy champions stunning enemy champion and dealing true dmg W: Goes invisible and heals for % based health off ap or ad also increases percentage movement speed E: Shield champion or allies to make them invulnerable for 3.5 seconds R: Can reverse time, rewinds gameplay 30 seconds and gives the compass invulnerability (Riot speakIng) " We are really excited about this champion design its been a long time coming" Question: Are you concerned with balance or the champion design? (Riot speakIng) "Not at all, we feel this champion will still die to hard CC and will inevitably have counter champions that will arise. Besides its fun to teleport all over the map and heal instantly haha, we know people will love this champion" "Plus secretly as the design team we hate the balance team, fuck them, they should have buffed teemo in season 1" Crazy can't believe this got leaked....
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