How do you gain your confidence back?

I'm a Riven onetrick that has been hardstuck gold 4 for the past 3 seasons. Pretty much for my own fault in the way I just get worse over the coarse of a season (probably due to me taking breaks to play other games). It eventually gets to the point that I cant win lane, can't carry games like I could at the start of the season, then as I play Riv then people flame me as I have 1.2mil mastery, overall making it not fun to play the game. I know everyone struggles from losing streaks and the real question is how do you recover from it? Some solutions I've tried: In the past I basically just coasted the remaining part of the season and then spend preseason fixing my mmr and getting more practice in, but I want to push for higher rank as being hardstuck gold kinda feelsbadman. I have also tried playing other champs but then I get bored of those champs and come back to Riven only to be more out of practice Then just taking a break from the game is what gets me into this mess. TL;DR I'm a Riven onetrick who is on a massive loss streak/loss of confidence and looking for a good way to overcome it and try to finally climb out of gold. Thank you, -XeriiK
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