Worlds 2019, frustration for some, celebration for others... just like every other year

I've read some of the comments here and I just wanted to share my thoughts. I'll raise my hand and openly admit I don't care for G2, but I also don't care for FPX either and that's my personal opinion. Do they deserve to be at Worlds and in the Finals though, absolutely! They had success all year on home turf and internationally, winning MSI against SKT and FPX dominated their region. To say it was rigged is immature. There is nothing more than pure speculation from people thousands of miles away and without the intimate knowledge and nuances of esports and Riot as a company, the player's lives, foreign affairs.. it's literally beyond what all of us can understand and comment on at that level. I don't know what game you were watching, but I saw players under enormous stress, recognize that stress and fall to it. G2 felt as though it was supposed to be them up on the podium and fell apart during the 18 minute mark of game 2. Think about it rationally. I saw frustration in the eyes of the players and real emotions on both sides. These are kids remember, with an average age of 21-22. How many of them could you imagine keeping a 'big international secret' of throwing a game. Did it look like FPX expected to win? No, they looked like they were full of joy. You can't hide that stuff. From a business stand point, had Riot been paid off.. the implications would be devastating.. it would utterly tear down everything they built. Why compete? Why spend your money on tickets and merchandise and a game that is rigged? Why would China care? Is this the Olympics? Does China harness global glory? No, of course not! Your frustrations for G2 'not showing up' can be noted. Call it stress or what have you, but it wasn't rigged. There is no motivation there for either party, nor was it evident in the juvenile, young player's actions at all. Between the increasing awareness of the game by fans, the cameras, the commentators.. there isn't room for players to make too many mistakes, especially series breaking and Worlds 2019, ending mistakes. My team lost and it sucks, I get that, but that's what makes esports competitive. We love the rivalry, we love it when we win and it sucks when our boys lose. Let me ask you this, had they played on a different stage or FPX played SKT? Would it have been rigged? Would you feel different? What if G2 was knocked out in Quarters? I thought FPX would fold under the pressure and get knocked out in Semi's, but they held up. Sometimes the best teams still lose. The teams that deserve the win don't always make it and some teams may stand up there on a different day. In my opinion, the teams with class and poise and repeated success can call themselves champions in my book. What is more hype for the LPL and China; An FPX win or an IG win? Would you have said an IG victory would have been rigged? I personally don't care if FPX won, I have no ties to the org or it's players. And I think it's that notion, that's why people can't accept it and say this was rigged for China. It was a lackluster showing in my opinion all things considered and no one, save for FPX fans, care. And just because a song 'named after their team' was demonstrated doesn't mean anything. There could have been a song for G2 as well, or even SKT had they made it again for the 4th time. China has been in controversy recently, in and out of pop culture, be it video games and Blizzard Entertainment's failures or South Park Studio's and that fiasco.
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