Is it just me or is riot intentionally placing me against higher skill people?

level 40, plenty of games under my belt, most of which im sometimes good but otherwise suck. Play bots a lot. Dont do very well with champions and dont have a main yet. And im pitted against people who have fucking pro reflexes, team up so goddam well its as if they were in voice chat, and just outright get fed and become invincible. This is the final straw, i have had at least one of these cases every single game, and the only games i have won were when my own team mates got fed. Get me the fuck out of this skill level i do not belong here. Its not smurfs because they would be sorted out by now with their own amazing performance, even if they dont get kills. If you base your ranking on numbers of kills people have, your stupid riot. If not, please adjust me to the lower skillgroup or i guess ill just keep playing bots after getting steamrolled. Nowdays i have to be aggresive, because i have lost too many times just playing safe. Defense doesnt seem to matter when your opponent can destroy you within a second and masterfully save his flash to escape while expertly dodging my allies skillshots. P.S: Sena is really op against newbs like me, but i guess she is pretty weak with only one root for escape in this 1 shot meta. Sad.
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