Hashinshin proving Riven is idiot proof. (LOL RIVEN SKILL)

Hashinshin proving Riven is idiot proof. (LOL RIVEN SKILL)
All credits to ForestWithin for creating this banger: https://twitter.com/ForestWithin/status/1211007040715407361 Follow him on twitter: https://twitter.com/ForestWithin
A.K.A. this is why low elo players should ignore what he says. He claims Riven is no skill champions, the easiest champion in top lane, Riven players have no skill, Riven is the most broken champion, etc. Then he plays Riven and gets humilated miserably. Gets solo killed multiple times, feeding his ass off, cannot win a sinlge lane, etc. There are two possible explanation: 1. He is 100% wrong, he has 0 clue what he is talking about all the time. 2. He is right, Riven is no skill, no brain champion, easiest toplaner, etc. In this case he is soo fucking bad that noone should ever take seriously what he says. Either way, people should stop listening to him and use him in arguments as some kind of validation for their own statements. This is coming from someone who doesn't even play Riven. I just find it absurd how someone who doesn't have the slightest clue what he is talking about became such an influencer in LOL. I run into his name on boards all the time "hashinshin said this or that, so it is true". No, it isn't becauce he is 100% delusional.
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