Im debating to quit ranked permanently

So last game, as blitz, I fed my adc (kai'sa) but being the kai'sa player she is, she inted past 30 minutes (duh) and didnt follow the support, or i couldnt follow her. she threw, and essentially made the game a 4v5/4v6. We lost because she decided to help an ally that was distracting the extremely fed Yi so she could survive. again. SHE HELPED AN ALLY THAT SACRIFICED FOR HER. Guess what happened? oh wait, you dont need to, she died, in 2 hits to be exact. Another game: I was yasuo, doing pretty good, and we had an inting Miss Fortune (what a surprise!). Thus we lost (better adc wins) My winrate in ranked was 70% a few months or so ago. What happened? Bronze monkeys happened. and the other 4 losses speak for themselves I want to quit, I want it to just, end. I dont want to do this anymore. Ranked is feeling more like homework then a game. I know Riot wont fix anything, they just arent the same as other companies. There is nothing I can do to carry, climb, or anything. Teams are bad, and always will be, I know you are gonna say "look at your own mistakes" well I do, and I actually try to fix them instead of going auto pilot like half of the people playing this game Im just gonna go, there is no point to post here, other then getting some opinions on if my luck is worth trying to climb with. Not touching ranked most likely until I think that this game is fun.
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