Moving forward with pax in the past.

Hey guys, This has been a pretty shitty week. I can't speak for anyone else, but for me. I can't even explain how it's effected me. And I initially reacted like a child (I may or may not have edited a specific quote refuring to sea mammals into Daniel kliens wiki page) and later on in the week I feel I managed to respond to things more like a rational adult. Before I go farther, I want this thread to address the actual issues. But I also want it to be a place where ideas can come to life about how to be better in the future. We have come across a huge fork in the road where we are offered a choice. Fall down and give up; or band together, help each other, get up, and get better. I personally vote for the latter. So, we are going to make the assumption in this thread that riot is not sexist, they don't hate men, and they were trying to do the right thing and simply fucked up. (I am going to take a second to ask, if your unwilling to operate under this assumption or benifit of the doubt, please pass by and drop a downvote if you feel so inclined.) Now, a few things I have learned from the last 9 years I have played this game and lurked on these forums. 1. We will never not be considered the most toxic gaming community, and 2. We are some of the smartest and most creative people in gaming. So let's hear it. How can we move forward, accepting that riot fucked up and and overcorrected. In an attempt to combat sexism riot excluded a bunch of people unfairly. Let's use this to brainstorm how we can ensure that we are inclusive equally, ensuring nobody ever gets passed over based on their gender/gender identity/race in this community again. I firmly believe that if we, the community and company, band together. We can truly make magic happen.
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