What Riot could be doing with its money.

Had a discussion with a guy in another thread about Riot taking unnecessary gambles with its new line of games. Thought I'd quote my thoughts here, as a general post showing how I'd handle it, were I at the helm of a billion dollar company looking to expand into new markets. > Options I'd explore, if I were the one in charge: > > - Some form of RPG. Singleplayer market (brand new territory for Riot), lets them expound upon the lore substantially, allows players already interested in the lore an avenue to experience it more directly. > > - Strategy. The lore of League is full of potential for a Three Kingdoms-style experience; a character-driven strategy game > in which the player attempts various objectives. Some modes might ask only to unify a region and hold it for x number of years. Others might go full alternate history and have the nations of Runeterra fighting for absolute supremacy. Champion abilities already create an interesting tactical tool that most games of this type don't explore too deeply. > > - There's an action-adventure game in Piltover. It's there, waiting to happen. Imagine what a field day an art team would have designing the unique above-and-below world that is Piltover and Zaun, and both cities are rife with potential for a procedural experience that generates missions for a detective, bounty hunter, chem baron's hound, and rewards the player endlessly with all sorts of hextech loot that can be used to put together a near endless combination of unique equipment. Something like Borderlands, in that regard. > > - How about a straight up wargame? Put you down on the ground level of Runeterra's most heated conflicts in a singleplayer/multiplayer experience that allows you to go toe-to-toe with League's finest while building your own character's legend. An asynchronous competitive experience in the form of factional territory control, refreshing weekly, would work quite well here. It would provide multiplayer interaction for various comfort levels. > > - Hell, how about a singleplayer take on the Rift? Similar to the above, only instead of a war experience, the player exists in a self-contained third person environment. Players create champions, put their kits together from a variety of visual flairs, practical effects, and shape/cast animation modifiers to tweak to their heart's content, then get thrown into the Rift to go up against five champions with four AI teammates. More or less, experiment with what it might be like if those old League promos were actually a game. Endless replay value is possible in the form of an ever-shifting tournament-style league, where champions who rise to the highest echelons get big rewards to keep growing. Bonus points if you can add your created champions and/or download other players' shares to add to an ever-growing roster of champions on top of what League itself provides. > > This is just off the top of my head. In short, I'd definitely angle for a singleplayer experience. It's much safer for Riot for a variety of reasons. Singleplayer gamers are more likely to try and enjoy multiple games than multiplayer hardcores. Singeplayer games require no hardcore server upkeep, so they don't need to make a big ongoing investment in the project once it releases. Players get to enjoy the game offline, on their own time. Everyone wins. Plus, it exposes players reluctant to get into online games to League of Legends, potentially drawing new players to the flagship title. Thoughts? How many of you were hoping for a strictly single-player experience from old Riot Games?
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