I've never been so afraid to get autofilled

I am a hard stuck autofill sliver player but this season getting autofilled sucks. It used to be that I hated playing Top because of the counter picks and Teemo but now I hate the jungle so much. Do you seriously believe that the jungle is fun? This role is the worst and the literal definition of feast or famine. Did the enemy jungle take your blue? Oh good luck being two levels behind from now on. Did the enemy jungle get first blood? Good luck being two levels behind? FFS, why the fuck am I always two levels behind the enemy jungle when I even have more farm than them? The jungle sucks and Riot knows it. God damn, I hate the jungle so much and I don't play autofill anymore because I know if I play autofill, I am most likely going to get the jungler. I remember back in the days, you used to get supp 70% of the time when playing autofill and 30% everything else but now it is 50/50 you are either the jungler or anything else. The only way to survive this stupid jungle meta is by playing WW or Nunu because they can solo drake at level 4 otherwise get fucked if you don't have any luck. No one plays the jungle anymore. I have not seeing anyone ask for swapping lanes other the jungler or the stupid Yasuo one trick. I've seen people beg to change their roles when they get autofilled jungler. This speaks volume to how much this meta sucks.
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