Prestige Qiyana Was unexpected

Prestige Updates
TLDR: We're sharing the list of champions receiving Prestige Edition skins through the end of the year. We're working on stuff that'll cost fewer than 100 Prestige Points. All Event Prestige skins released in 2020 will be available for Prestige Points at the end of next year. Hey everyone!
I feel like prestige edition Qiyana was unexpected (In terms of debuting in the world event). In their last prestige point update article (linked) it made it seem like each Event Prestige edition event skin was going to get its own separate event. It even says in the article "We agree that you should be able to use your event tokens and Prestige Points with confidence that you're unlocking the skin you'll enjoy most" but how can we use our tokens with confidence if it wasn't announced that Qiyana would cost world tokens I feel like riot should make Prestige Edition Qiyana also be purchasable with prestige points. I already wasted my world tokens for 100 prestige points but I had no idea Qiyana would be apart of the world event so now I, and many others, have already spent our tokens because we thought there wasn't going to be new items added to the Event shop :'( ESPECIALLY another prestige skin
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