How is Tarzaned still not banned?

I've never thought Riot wouldn't take any action. Tarzaned has previously admitted to boosting. He has been extremely toxic to the point he got kicked out of LCS scrims house. Has had over 10 accounts banned, he said in his response video which he deleted that only half of his 20 accounts were banned due to toxicity. Worse of all is that he WIN TRADES, what a shit of a player. That was only 1 instance where he got caught, who knows how much did he win trade? He's ruining the game for the community and Riot just turns a blind eye? Every time he gets caught doing something really bad like that one time where he got caught harassing another player, he comes out with a twitter reformed letter and Riot thinks its all okay. When is it that Riot says that too much is too much? Boosting, actively harassing other pro players, extreme toxicity, win trading. I haven't purchased any of the new skins I wanted to because this is not the game I want to support, I hope you guys do the same as to bring this matter so Riot can finally act. This makes me so mad that they aren't even addressing the issue. What a disgusting company Riot is. If any other high end company found out that one of their player was fixing games, he would be permanently banned on the spot. PS: Here's the video where he was caught win trading, god knows how many more games he fixed. If you look at JgleIsRuined match history, you can see that he has other games where he all loses to the April guy. Search for the one which he was playing Lissandra and went 7/3/7 and look at 10 games before and after which he played against April (guy who gave him free win) and won all of them.
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