im having serious problems with corrupted " player support "

im having serious problems with corrupted " player support " and i am trying hard not to let this escalate into other matters im just trying to enjoy a simple game but you have people who take it upon themselves to target harass certain players for months and months i have reported in tickets of inappropriate players with foul user names that harass other players in game sabotaging purposes , going afk , feeding and then at the end of the match they report you for no reason abusing the automated report system resulting in players getting penalty's which locks them from getting rewards , so over and over i have been reporting and the more i report the more i notice i get target harassed then finally i found a group that revealed that " its specific player support personal " that harass na players for personal reasons i am trying to find the best way for me to draw the actual administration in Riot to be aware of this problem . i have the names of the corrupted player support person(S) , and they can see how desperately they illegally go thru unreported chats to pull out stuff .
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