Opinions on TrueDamage Song?

True Damage - GIANTS (ft. Becky G, Keke Palmer, SOYEON, DUCKWRTH, Thutmose) | League of Legends
We're wide awake now. Listen to True Damage's debut single "GIANTS," as seen at Worlds 2019. Formed by K/DA's rapper Akali (SOYEON of (G)I-DLE), True Damage is a virtual hip-hop group that fuses the raw vocal talents of Ekko (Thutmose, Duckwrth), Senna (Keke Palmer), and Qiyana (Becky G) with Yasuo's signature production in a cutting-edge collaboration.
I’d like to hear from other league players and fans of riot’s music to give their opinions on this year’s skin theme song, Giants. For my own opinion, I feel as tho the song is missing something, that it falls off, and it’s lacking the heart that a number of past songs (not just KDA) had. Though, looking at it differently I feel as tho this was meant to be a more relaxed song than something like KDA, but it still up for criticism. With Senna being a new champion and seeing her in the video, I enjoyed her voice yet felt bummed she didn’t get a more bigger singing role or more unique styled animations. Ekko is the leader, makes sense he get a more unique moment, but Qiy also got on and Yas semi got one. Now Akali is a guest star and has KDA, so I don’t expect much for her but the one part- Though still I feel as though Senna should have gotten a bigger role within the video and singing. As well not just reuse most of her animations. The song didn’t have a bad beat, I don’t mind too much it had Korean and Spanish mixed with English, tho when Ekko rapped at the later portion it slowed the song down a lot and the beat was heavily slowed too. It makes it.. a semi awkward part in the song. Now Yas got no singing portion either, he was DJ, but I don’t mind too much as the song had four people singing already. But... Still could have had maybe some sing together to add more parts for the champions. Also in my opinion I would have preferred to see DJ Sona since: A) DJ and B) Renew of her skin to be more updated. As well as much as I love Akali, would have liked to see Shen used in the video too. I know it’s called True Damage, but it’s just a group name so doesn’t have to have connection. Give me your thoughts, I wanna hear what people also say.
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