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So I was watching this video when it got posted on the subreddit and I thought it very interesting. Figured I'd share it on here as well as a few of my thoughts about it since I don't see it posted anywhere here yet. I'm going to start off with saying that because of the position this guy has held at both Riot events and in journalism, I have full faith in his words. I also want to say that while he may think of Riot, the company as discriminatory and sleazy that we should remember this does not apply to the employees. For instance the employees planning the walkout and the people at Riot China who offered him the work are all deserving of our support. Lastly before I get started, I am not calling for any action nor did he in his video. As he says in the end: this is just his getting f'd by Riot story, and he won't sit quietly by and let it happen like it has to so many others when they were f'd by Riot. This is about visibility of an ongoing issue for him (much like the sexism issue article, which unfortunately is not resolved), and a discussion for me. Notes when posting: Keep it civil, we don't have to agree. No witch-hunting or naming/calling out anyone involved with this. Have fun. ---- What I'm curious to know is, first off what do you guys think of Thorin? I do not know much of the man, I know he is a caster (hope that's the right term) and a journalist and has the opportunity to talk to others in the industry a lot, as well as having many interactions with Riot. To me he also seems to have a good depth of knowledge about the game. But I'd like to know what others who know far more than me can say to his credit or detriment. Where do you think the line should be in cases like these? Companies need to protect their interests of course, but where would you say Riot has allegedly crossed the line? In my opinion, it would be the mentioned cases where a guy lost the rights to his team and all credibility in the industry over "fabricated" evidence and extreme contract interpretations as well as the times when people working with Riot were heavily encouraged or strong-armed away from work. To me it crosses the line when you mess with someone's livelihood, reputation, or resort to underhanded or illegal tactics (I use illegal loosely here in that it might not _exactly_ be illegal, but either in many situations it would be, or would be assumed to be). What's your take? What do you think of his comments on retaliation by Riot? Do you see the removal of the reddit post as this, or as an interpretation of the bias clause they have? Personally I would normal lean to the idea of it being borderline rule breaking, though on the clean side; but him talking about how posts do get removed for any inkling of anti-Riot on reddit does hold some sway on me here. This is more or less what I'm most curious on other's opinions right now. Still abit on the fence myself, but I'm trying to run some experiments to see which it is (this post being one of them). Assuming I'm not blatantly breaking any rules here (which I do not believe I am as of yet so long as I keep this discussion focused, unbiased, and not a call to action) I would take it as an indication that so long as this post is not removed that we could rule that out (as theoretically Riot should have more control here than the subreddit if they wanted it removed out of not liking the content's merits). However I will say if it is removed, I wouldn't necessarily take it as definitive proof either. Didn't really want to ignore what would probably be seen as an obvious motive/bias to post this; plus it also makes a good discussion point. Anyways what's your thoughts on it? Did they already retaliate, is there going to be a different one, what about previous retaliations, do you think any of it is justified (not to set up answers, just want to hear justification if you have them, doesn't need to be a full justification either... worlds not black and white). Do you see this affecting you as a consumer in any way? Personally, I'd still play LoL; though if I'm deciding between LoL and another game to play with my friends, I'd go for the other for a while at least. And do you think this will affect Riot internally or financially in any way, and how so? Do recent events also play into any of these feeling/ideas/opinions? For instance I think the string of events of the sexism article, the walkout, and this could lead to a real chance of Riot going out of business, especially the walkout; this would just be like a kick when they're down if the walkout does happen. Lastly and I will prefix this especially with: chill out, keep it civil; what are your thought about the context of the female caster (again hope I'm using right terminology) and tweets she made concerning female rights and whatnot that is mentioned in the video? From my interpretation it seemed to be about things said by her during the PAX when everyone was getting upset about the female-only room. While stating her comments were likely a bit over the top, he did put some context to it that she was getting a lot of alleged sexism from Riot and I guess seeing the opposition to their initiative felt like more of the same. In which case it does get me wondering if (and to stay by what I said earlier, I won't name names, and I again ask no hate-mongering the guy) a certain Rioter who I believe she defended at the time (if memory serves, didn't check again) and got fired shortly after his comments that were similar to hers; if he was not coming from the same place. Like was he also just upset from seeing people's reactions to a change in Riot's culture (which to be fair apparently didn't amount to much internally) after having to deal with it for so long and despising it? And then that too begs the question, was he fired for retaliation, with his tweets only used as an excuse to justify it? That's my thoughts, at least for the most part. Tell me what you think, and feel free to ask any questions of me. And again: keep things civil, leave the swear words and other strong emotionally charged words at the door.
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