Gone Almost 5 Years... Wow...

I decided today to reinstall LoL after about a 5 year hiatus. Well, really I quit so it wasn't a hiatus I guess... haha. Anyways, the last champion to release when I was playing was Azir, so that tells you the time frame. I just had to quit because I had been playing since beta and only really playing one map for 5 years gets a little stale. My MOBA fix has been filled for the most part with SMITE and HotS since then. I reinstalled today out of sheer curiosity and boredom to find a crazy new world!... Mostly because when I logged in I found my Summoner name was changed to this "dont uwu me" (HAHAHAHA) and apparently I had been playing the last 5 years!!! HAHAHAHA! I guess whoever hacked me after I quit never changed my stuff with the exception of my summoner name. I changed my email and password though, as well as now I have the email verification thing, so now all I have to do apparently is get 13k of this new blue essence thing and I can change my name back to what it was. At least the hacker bought me some new heroes and skins lol! He/She also got me some icons and stuff from specific events over the last few years, yaaay! HAHA! I'd say I feel bad that they're losing all of their work over the last few years as well as for his/her clan that they were the head of that I transferred leadership and left, plus the 40+ friends list I unfriended... but no... I don't feel bad, it's my account, haha. Anyways, as far as the new world goes... I guess it's not that new. I am, however, kind of disappointed to see it's really only one map still. I'll never understand that. I will always prefer HotS for that reason. I'm not talking about the side stuff like ARAM & TT, just Summoner's Rift being the only competitive map... still! LOL, versus the what, 14 HotS maps? That said, I do appreciate the new Tactics mode, that seems fairly fun. I played a few Co-Op and then some ARAM to get back into the swing of things. The controls feel different from what they were, but that might be from 5 years of HotS and SMITE. My biggest woe was seeing that the runes are gone. UGHHH!!! We worked so hard to buy all those runes and pages, not-to-mention the real life money spent on the extra pages... and now they're all replaced with a new "rune" system (which are more akin to a talents page than a rune page imho). Playing around with the new system it feels SOOO lackluster compared to the diversity of builds we had back then. And this isn't a troll question, I would just honestly like to know WHAT ON EARTH was the reasoning for getting rid of everyone's hard-earned runes and pages to replace them with this system? Honest question. I mean, new stuff is fun, but just spending the last few hours messing with it all, it just doesn't hold a candle to the old system in my opinion. It's one of the things that I loved so much over HotS and SMITE and now it's gone. Don't worry, this won't be pages long, haha! There's plenty of griping I could do (like the new and UNIMPROVED ugly-@ss Nunu character, like what in the holy fart happened to him and his yeti? Did they fall into a vat of nuclear waste AND THEN were beaten with the ugliest ugly stick ever broken off of an ugly tree?), but I'll refrain from excess complaint. :D What I HAVE enjoyed on this first day back of playing LoL is that it seems the toxicity has diminished some. It was one of the bigger reasons why I quit in the first place outside of the lack of maps. Today I would say was filled with ... 95% positive people, on both sides of every fight. That's insane to me. LoL was always Toxic City Worldwide, so this is a good thing. Now, I do realize I may have just been lucky in the match-ups and there's still a horrible community, but I have to go with what I experience, and today was a good day for LoL (for me). I won't return to full time play, obviously, but I do think that hopping on once or twice a week for a few matches may not be so bad anymore :) So, if anyone has that info for me on the "rune" pages change, or just opinions about my post in general, I'd love to hear from you. Cheers all and see you on the battlefield :D
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