what reworks/changes that riot has done in the past that affected you the most?

This post is less about win rates or game health/balance but more for those that want to share their personal feelings(of like or dislike) about champion reworks or other changes. I miss many of the ~~deleted~~ "reworked" champs for various reasons. The one i miss most though is mostly old eve(last eve but the one before as well)..i preferred the utility,versatility and sustain damage of her old kit over the the extra delayed burst she got. the old kit made her far better IMO. she was one of the reasons i even started playing this game.so when they reworked her it hit me really hard it felt like i lost a major reason of why i enjoyed this game. and the skins i had bought felt like a waste as i did not enjoy the new eve. despite my best efforts to give new eve a chance. i just dont like her any more and i could never accept the rework or the reason for it. sadly **for me** it just feel like she lost so much that its not the same playing her anymore. A quick note of the stuff she lost. lvl 1 camo at will movement speed,that had a reset. slow remover attack speed gain from here e.. ad ratios flexable item builds.. a spamable q mana regain shield aoe slow. her team fight engage power from her old ult... RIP {{champion:28}} RIP my favorite joke line quote that was also removed."i may be bad, but i feel good." RIP my enthusiasm to play this game. do any of you have any champions or aspect about the game that got a rework/changed that you feel strongly about for whatever reason? please share as i would like to hear about it.
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