Bots are reporting humans as bots, and getting humans banned.

About 4 days ago I was perma banned for "botting". And yet I'm a human, hand leveling this account. My performance in my games should make that pretty obvious. But I also chatted in game, and tried different champs and builds. Not much else I could do to prove I'm human. But an even better point to make is that I shouldn't HAVE to prove that I'm human. As we say in the USA, I ought to not be considered a bot until proven guilty. Right? At first I had no clue why I got banned. I expected they would see my support ticket within an hour and promptly unban me. But 4 days later, support still hasn't gotten to my ticket. I imagine they are swamped with support tickets right now due to the "name change issue". So I've had 4 days to contemplate what on earth could possibly have triggered my ban. And I'm pretty sure I figured it out. There's only one possible thing that could have done it. Reports. My account is lvl 8 I think. I can't log in to even see what it is. So I'm playing against intro ai. And I see a minimum of 2 or 3 bots in every game. The kalista bots are the most annoying. They actually pop rend to steal all the cs and all the kills in lane. It's really hard to lane against a kalista bot. But back to my point.... In more than half of my games, it's pretty obvious that all 4 of the other players are bots. Their names frequently look like: "xVbNRodgers" or "onLqAmanda"... those names are pretty big giveaways. They also walk briefly into the turret a couple times, or move in random directions in the center of the lane until the minions arrive. But random movements don't prove you are a bot. Neither does the name "hJkLKevin" prove you are a bot. The only thing that Riot should actually ban an account for, is if they actually detected a botting software. I know I'm not running a botting software, so that right there proves that Riot is willing to ban accounts for "less substantial" reasons. Still, I don't walk randomly, I don't take two turret shots before minions arrive, and I don't have an obviously botty-looking username. So I've had 4 days to think about it, and I'm pretty sure there's only one possible reason. The "bot makers" have programmed their bots to report all 4 of the other players in the game as bots. It makes sense. If Riot bans people for getting multiple reports, then that just means less competition for them (they get the other bots banned). But this means that as I play against these bots, I took several reports for botting, and that triggered an automatic ban on my account. So now I'm stuck waiting for days for a ticket to be answered, but support is behind on their tickets right now. So what can I say. Human: 0, bots: 1. This has been an extremely frustrating experience for me. I only play 1 or 2 games a day (see my play history and dates), so it took me 10 days to get to level 8. And I imagine it will take me months to get to level 30 at this rate. The whole reason the botting industry even exists is because it is very difficult to get to level 30, and buying a botted account makes it easier. But when Riot is willing to ban a human like me on a hunch that they might be a bot, that honestly just serves to legitimize the decision to just skip the whole leveling up thing, and just buy a botted account. I'm leveling this account for use on my twitch stream (I need alternate accounts for the stream), so I don't want to buy botted accounts. Because I heard that even years later, you could be banned for it, if your account was originally botted. And I plan to put money into this account and stuff, so I just wanted to keep it legit from the start. It's funny actually. I went through all this trouble just because I wanted to 100% avoid getting banned for botting. And then I get banned for botting lol. The irony.
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