Riot and their contradictive stance towards homophobia?

Hi Boards, my (main account) summoner name is BisexualPlantBoi - or should I say *was*? Recently I have been forced to change it (which I still didn't because I'm refusing to do so) because, according to Riot Varaner from player support, has been deemed as violating the Summoner's code's paragraph on summoner names. Let me quote said paragraph: "Selecting a Summoner name that is falsely indicative of an association with Riot Games, contains personally identifying information, or that is offensive, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, sexually explicit, racially, ethnically, or otherwise objectionable." According to this, there is only one way to try and make my summoner name sound illegal: **sexually explicit**. Oh really? Then, and I'd like to know an opinion of other Rioters on this subject, Riot's stance towards people with different sexual orientation is that they are being reduced to pure sexual objects? Their relationships are only about that, get laid and out? Wow. That is not only seriously outdated, but also stereotyping and actually very offensive. What is even more dosturbing is a fact that this was not issued upon me because of other play reporting me (which btw is considered homophobic - or biphobic but let's not play with words, it's the same thing and we're not SJWs to push different terms for the sake of uniqueness - and that is a reportable offense ingame!) but **PURELY** an effort of said Rioter that backfired on me for reporting a player that actually offended the Summoner's code (his former name being literally Horse Cock). That will sure convince the community to help you and report the actual offenders, Riot. **This also affects the streamer community and YOU, Boards!** First thing I brought up is the streamer, 1st Zyra player EUNE, Lesba Zyra (*"Lesbian Zyra" in Czech*), which Riot Varaner answered with basically "report them" - which btw I won't do because I'm not an asshole (or at least not that much of an). But then comes the second thing; If my summoner name has been deemed offensive, your's will be too - **I'm talking to you, Boards.** TaricTheGay. Ezreal x Taric. Sandsexual. Sex Crazed Eve. Even Akali/Ahri/Nidalee is so HOT or Busty Demoness, because it's just so damn easy to call all of those out for "sexual explicity", even tho these have nothing to do with LGBT as was my first topic, although still laughable. Riot Varaner quoted: "(...) bear in mind we will not be changing our stance on this issue." If so, it's only a matter of time when you get affected. Kind people should inform you and link you this thread and maybe we can rise our voices - if not for me, then for the sence of justice. Let the community speak out, because **WE** are the community and Riot Varaner quoted again: "However, you are part of an online community and in the eyes of this community your Summoner name has been deemed offensive." No. YOU deemed it offensive and noone other, you were the only one initializing my case and the only one solving it. YOU, A SINGLE PERSON, are not a community. Why can't I just move on? Because I'm proud of my nick. I'm proud I came up with it, I feel good playing under it. I'm not gonna repress part of my personality, that's not good for my mental health. Thanks to this nick I found at least 5 friends in real life (one of them being restricted in the same way as me now btw, but I'm not gonna just give up - which is btw another proof you're next). I could rant even more but I think I already said enough for you to get the issue. I beg you again, speak up before it's you next on the list. ___ Edit: Thank you everyone for your support. I hope Riot sees this and considers this community's approval as opposed to what Riot Varaner said (and I repeat, I don't want thim to be in trouble if Riot proves me right, I believe it was just a personal error and misjudgment). ___ Edit 2: Ok since noone is actually reading the post nor the comments or just seem not to believe me, I'll say it again and in a more visible way: #MY FORCED NAME CHANGE HAS NOT BEEN ISSUED UPON ME BECAUSE I WOULD GET REPORTED. This is the response from Riot Varaner on my reporting ticket. Now, please, shut the hell up and stop spamming "waaa you got reported so community deems it offensive waaa". So tired of this. ___ Edit 3: **Pinned comments section** Also, this guy gets it - oops, busted!
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