Can Rioters actually, and honestly, say that they enjoy the game?

It seems like many people are upset, sad, and even enraged with the current state of the game. Literally all people want is to **_tune down the damage._** I have been a frequenter of the forums ever since i started playing in EUW about two years ago, and although there have been plenty of, simply put, shitty posts, like people complaining about things that they simply don't know how to counter, there's also been many posts pointing out **big** issues in the game. The awful Ardent Censer Meta, the atrocious assassin's update, Zoe, and many more mistakes and problems that took Riot a while to address, and then simply were brushed off without really learning much from their mistakes; This time however the complaints are more serious. No more Yasuo is too OP posts, no more Rito bring back URF posts, people **genuinely** are concerned with the game. Riot announced back in preseason that they wanted to have more role diversity in the game. I believe that the current meta is in-part due to Riot's efforts to make the game more diverse. However they're simply approaching the matter in the wrong way. Simply raising figures and lowering others isn't going to diversify the game. Making the game more open and strategic will. Remember last year when the dude taking smite and Singed support bot got banned? That was strategy, and despite Season 7 not being that good it was still a lot better than the current season. You still had more room for creativity and strategy. You could still improvise, do something different, excel at it and do well. Now though? Simply pick the most oppressive Champs early and win the game. League was initially a game of skill and strategy. That was what attracted me and 100 MILLION other players to it. The MOBA genre will be attractive for a long time. People who want fast-paced heavy damage games can always play overwatch or other simpler MOBA's other than league. Why does league need to cater to those players? You have to have a focus and perfect it. Actually, why not make another game that is fast-paced and damage centric? Or another game-mode at least. I'm sure many people have considered other MOBA's before, especially when first discovering the genre, and I'm also sure that the reason why league was the most attractive is because it was complex yet simple enough to pick up in a few weeks. It was strategic yet allowed players to express individual skills and knowledge. Simply put, League WAS what and how a MOBA is supposed to be. That's how i felt about the game. I'm not sure any Rioters will see this post, or anyone for the matter. I doubt any reds will comment their **real** and **honest** thoughts and feelings about the game. And despite the lack off communication from Rito, except on Art and Story boards, I do hope we will get some comments. To many of us, League is more than a game; many could go through difficult times with the help of league, many more had a great time playing with friends or making new friends with league. This has stopped being simply a game a long time ago. Don't ruin what you have for something that will jump on for the next fortnite whenever getting the chance. Sincerely, a dude who simply likes the game and wants to see it do better.
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