Guild Wars 2 just had some really big drama this week.

I'm a bit late since it mostly resolved yesterday, but GW2 just had a pretty huge drama over an argument one of their devs started this week. In short, a dev on their narrative team wrote a mini-essay about why it's difficult to make an MMO main character interesting compared to a character in a single-player game. By itself it was sorta interesting. Someone replied with a small but polite disagreement to her write-up. The dev took major offense to this and publicly shamed him on her Twitter by saying that his disagreement was sexist. The person that replied tried to apologize, but the dev decided to double down on her stance, stating that the next "rando asshat" that tries to explain her job to her is getting blocked. As it turns out, the person that had replied to her isn't actually some random, but is actually a really well-known and respected YouTuber for the game. He's officially partnered with ArenaNet and even has an NPC named after him in the game. Big yikes right there. This prompted a thread on the GW2 subreddit, which by the end of the day had became the 2nd most upvoted thing on the sub of all time: The GW2 community was pissed off. Another dev came in attempting to help defend her, but ended up making the situation worse. The other dev argued that she didn't ask for anyone's feedback and that she was a victim of mansplaining. Later in the day, the original dev also ended up exploding on a 2nd partnered content creator who was also trying to be polite to her. To make matters even worse, people ended up digging up an older comment where she talked badly about TotalBiscuit right after he died. The next day it was announced that the two devs involved are no longer with the company: Really unfortunate situation for everyone. Ended up costing two devs their jobs, one of which had worked there for over 10 years. The exact conversations should be pretty easily searchable in the reddit threads for anyone interested.
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