Rivens Origin Story Behind the Scenes

Riot: We need a strong independent woman who is badass in our game. Lets get some ideas gentlemen. Stereotypical french developer: "Le women are ze strong give her a Big sword that does cool floaty shard thingies and ze white hair" Riot: White hair is she old? Stereotypical french developer: " No i like ze idea of ze Wither game serious i take idea and transform it into strong independent women" Riot: ok should we make her abilities Stereotypical french developer: "Le give he ze a spammable Q that does lot and lot of damage and make her jump in ze combat and out ze combat repetitively Riot: okay im listening... Stereotypical french developer: "oh i have idea lez give ze riven a knock up on ze 3rd jump to reward ze player for le hard work they do in spamming le Q" Riot: Brilliant! what else? Stereotypical french developer: " O when le riven wastes all her Qs like dunce le give her ze ability zo dash again! Riot: That is Revolutiona--- Stereotypical french developer: "hush! we also give her ze shield in her dash and call it le "valor" even when le noob riven player uses it zo escape" Riot: Wow! thats sounds cool i think shes had enoug--- Stereotypical french developer: "No, we give her le stun ability too Riot: don't you think her knock up is enough? Stereotypical French developer: "Do you want ze Mary sue i mean ze "strong independent women or not?" Riot: ok sorry continue Stereotypical French developer: Oh i have a brilliant idea let ze riven shield scale of AD Riot: but wont she be tanky annd do insane damage? Stereotypical French developer: Thats ze idea Riot: well i dont think we need to include an ult... Stereotypical French developer: no we give her ze most powerful ult in ze game Riot: uhh Stereotypical French developer: le riven will have le graves ult but make it ze nearly impossible to side step riot: How do we do that Stereotypical French: *looks outside millionaire beach house *Sees the ocean "le make it a wave and make it hurt very much" Riot : anything else? Stereotypical French: make ze ult last a while and increase ze damage of all ze abilities Riot: This sounds kind of broken i'm not sure if the community will like thi--- Stereotypical French: Hahaha are you ze kidding me le Noob players ze Buy le Riven and le tell ze community se she is "Hard to play" "Requires "skill" to spam Q" to protect ze Elo Riot: SOLD! {{champion:92}}
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