No Female Science/Tech/Inventor Champions?

I have sincerely been thrilled by Riot's efforts to create more diversity in the champion lineup. We have really come a long way from the "why no black champions" dilemmas back around 2013. I've been particularly happy to see strong, original female characters who aren't just cookie cutter hotties. But I've noticed a pretty big blind spot that hasn't been addressed. Why don't we have any tech/inventor/science related champs that are female? We've got dudes upon dudes whose whole gimmick is science and invention. {{champion:74}} , {{champion:126}} , {{champion:112}} , {{champion:245}} , {{champion:68}} , {{champion:115}} , {{champion:42}} , {{champion:27}} -- all are dangerous and mighty because of their own genius and innovation. Obviously Riot thinks science is a cool way to empower a champion. As long as that champ is male. Even the goofy old scientist shopkeeper in the Howling Abyss is a guy. We have a few swing-and-a-miss female champions: {{champion:51}} is supposedly a brilliant engineer, but her lore focuses more on her hunting, trapping , marksmanship and cop skills, and her rifle was a gift, not her invention. {{champion:99}} used to have a weakly brainly persona but since her voice rework she is more about ditzy positivity and friendship than any substantial intelligence. {{champion:254}} uses tech, but it's tech she found and improvised with so she can basically Hulk smash stuff. {{champion:142}} has sort of a spacey omniscience that borders on astronomical knowledge, but that was given to her by mystical eternal forces. {{champion:164}} is a human weapon, but again, didn't invent her tech. Anyone with me on this? C'mon, Riot. We can do better. Give us some female genius scientist champions. (If you need ideas I got' em. ){{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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