A big list of the communities problems (A discussion and chance for Riot to explain thing to us)

Firstly, I'd like to make it clear this isn't a hit piece on Riot, this is simply me sharing my opinion on why more and more of the community is feeling alienated by the choices that are being made. Secondly, yes it is my _opinion_ but this is intended to be a discussion about the game state and the direction in which it is going. Thirdly, this is a compilation of a bunch of things I've either heard about or seen firsthand and aimed at being discussed by the community and also to give Riot a chance to explain just what they are thinking and whats going on. I can't force people to answer are questions or respond to our concerns but I do believe they deserve a chance to explain themselves at the very least. So starting off with we have problematic champions; as in champions that either steamroll because of how their kit works, or champions that have a kit and abilities that are 'blatantly over/underpowered', being basically ignored. {{champion:23}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:145}} {{champion:517}} People feel Trynda and Yi are "Bs braindead champions that need to be gutted or reworked" People feel Vlad is "too safe and able to do too much damage for how hard he is to kill" People feel like Trundle and Kalista and Sylas are in a bad spot right now, Kalista especially People feel that Akali and Kai'sa are either overloaded and overpowered or exceedingly unfun to play against Next up we've got Item problems Banner of command was removed for being too problematic saying 'they would look into reworking the item for next season' and instead we are met with the removal of {{item:3512}} {{item:3056}} {{item:2053}} {{item:3301}} {{item:3096}} {{item:3069}} . Which people have mixed feelings about but top laners feel like their options are being directly targeted. On the other side of the spectrum some support mains are extremely angry about the removal of coin line. Ap bruisers are upset that there aren't many good options to go for as an AP bruiser. Supports are also torn as to whether or not the new support items are going to be good or trash. {{item:3161}} is going away to the joy of many and the disdain of some because now many feel that {{item:3181}} will be the next BS top laner item. {{item:3005}} never got to live servers for better or for worse the world may never know. Riot also has been silent on the lag that has come following 9.22 and the new client that seems to be unanimously hated by the community. Omnistone seems like a waste of a keystone, and Ezreal and Kennen mains (although I haven't heard too many Kennen players) aren't happy about the lost of Kleptomancy whereas the general public are glad that dreaded Keystone is going away. Bunches of people are torn as to just how much they like or hate the new runes, for one they're streamlined and accessible but on the other hand there is no options that do well on certain champions. I've been told to add match making in here so here it is. Instead of reworking and hyping up treeline they opted to cut the game mode, the community is torn on this, many seem to not really see why it 'needed' to go considering it wasn't harming anyone, whereas some feel Riot is targeting their game mode and others are glad its going. Personally going to be sad to see it go, and with it Vilemaw and {{item:3170}} and the cool ghosts at the alters. Many reworked champions have alienated parts of their playerbase {{champion:266}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:82}} and even {{champion:43}} players want OLD KARMA back, which I don't know enough about to give an opinion on. Rotating game modes are still nowhere to be seen and people seem disappointed that we don't seem to be likely to get another Odyssey Extract style event. Also people want Nexus blitz back................. soooooooooooooo yeah. Botting is rampant in low level aram games apparently as they seem to be migrating from Twisted Treeline to Aram, perhaps Riot will cut Aram next because "its too much work for so little reward" Some people love TFT whereas other players feel like its eating up resources for League itself. A large group of people feel like damage is "_Too damn high_" and want it to be turned down next season but it seems Riot has other plans to seemingly create a meta of forcing constant team fights or losing increasingly important jungle objectives that give arguably more power to one side once claimed. Playing a tank top laner so I'm told "_Feels like shit because being a tank is a joke_" and with pen being so effective and lethality getting buffs I can't say I disagree. Etc etc etc The list goes on and on, anywho I got as many as I could come up with that I've seen around over the past few months and compiled them here for a discussion, and maybe a Rioter will come through and BOOM explanation given, if not I did my best to give them a chance to clear things up with the community.
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