If Riot were honest in their Twisted Treeline post.

For those unfamilliar, [this](https://euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/riot-games/announcements/thanks-all-twisted-treeline-players) is the post being refrenced. https://euw.leagueoflegends.com/sites/default/files/styles/wide_medium/public/upload/bg-twisted-treeline_2.jpg?itok=sN_5fcyo.png[] ___ _''Twisted Treeline will officially be retired at the end of this season''_ **''We shot Twisted Treeline in the leg and left it to rot! It's about time we put the last nail in the coffin! We've waited for this long enough!''** ___ _''We're sad to see such a longtime game mode leave our official rotation, but doing so will let us keep our focus on our larger game modes.''_ **''Good riddance! You all should have seen it coming! We could not sell you anything for Twisted Treeline, but you best believe we will continue to shove TFT and Little Legends down your throats, because we know you gullible sheep will continue to buy them!''** ___ _''That being said, we want to specially commemorate those of you who've been long-term fans of Vilemaw and celebrate all the games you've played in League's venerable 3v3 mode!''_ **''We're just doing this to protect our image. We really don't care about TT and all 6 of its dedicated players. These ''rewards'' were planned 5 minutes before the announcement!''** ___ _''In Patch 9.23, players who played more than 10 games of Twisted Treeline over the map's lifespan will get an exclusive icon. Those who played over 50 games will get that icon and an exclusive emote. And finally, those who played over 100 games will get the first two rewards and a third, limited time icon. Here's a sneak peek of the emote, featuring everyone's favorite spider.''_ **''Take these worthless icons and this hideous emote and forget Twisted Treeline ever existed!''** ___ **_- RiotPooPooFace_**
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