Question: Can you get in trouble for this

So if someone's username was "you feeder" or "your mom" and you say in chat "Hey you feeder, can you stop feeding?" Or "Your mom, can you ward?". I'm sure you can post a ticket if you did get in trouble, but do the chat detectors get you for that? I'm not asking if you as the reader thinks it is against the rules. It's very obvious from my example that you shouldn't get in trouble considering that is their summoner name. But I've heard of a time when the chat reading robots got someone for saying kys even though in their language or context they didn't mean it by the acronym. Pretty sure the chat reading thing that punishes you is done by a bot so I'm asking if you saying "your mom" or "you feeder" in chat to refer to the person with that summonername will get you in trouble even though it's their summoner name?
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