Why did riot apologize about making Kai'sa? "overly sexualized"

Seems like the community is in a pretty sad state that people are bashing the slightest signs of riot making something that isn't kid friendly or caters towards the pathetic SJW and Snowflake player base. I don't understand why riot had to apologize to these people, when they shouldn't have. Riot should be able to design whatever they want whenever they want without these annoying sensitive snowflakes telling them what to do and stuff. It has been a while since riot actually released a champion that doesn't match the snowflake player base wants from a character. I really do hope riot just continues to release whatever they want(to an extent of course) . Anything they do at this point gets fucking criticized whether it's making a buff female champion, a gay champion , a sexy champion, or a kid champion. If you are a rioter and and you see this please read it. It's fine to take feedbacks and what not and change some things but not to the extent where your ideas get thrown in the garbage can just cause some moron couldn't accept that you released a champion that way. If you want to make something just do it , you guys don't have to cater to every single player base. Not all of the player base are whiny insolent brats that can't accept other people's ideas. Just keep doing what you are doing and make champions that suit the style you want to use. Have a wonderful day. :) Fellow players
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