I am tired of the LPP Exclusive Chromas.

I am a Shaco main. I have almost a million points. I own every Shaco skin. I will get his new Dark Star skin and all the chromas... but one! The Green chroma. Shaco is getting six chromas with one being locked behind a random chance of being obtained. I have to hope that a Youtuber/Streamer will select me to get the chroma. You'll have people who don't even play Shaco, let alone care about the champ, get the exclusive. I have loved this champ for 5 seasons now. Karma is getting eight chromas... why can't one of her's be an exclusive? Why does it have to be Shaco when he has less? It doesn't make sense. Also if you look at the skins, his was obviously the one not taken as seriously. It's nowhere near the degree of creativity the other two are. So the worst of the three skins... gets and exclusive and has two less chromas then one of the others? In what world is that logical? I've heard the LLP chromas will all be available in the blue essence shop, but that doesn't help anything. At least not really. I just do not believe you should have content locked behind a wall that other people have to let you through. Does anyone else find this stupid or is it just me?
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