When you wait 2 years for Star Guardians and you get Cosmic/Dark Star skins instead.

I'm all for getting Star Destroyers (what they should be called anyway) but getting 3 "corrupted" SG skins out of the 4 that we're getting this year is pretty disappointing. Star Guardians is one of the only few skin lines that give a bright "magical" look to champions/skins (together with Elderwood imo) and to get these ones that are very similar to Cosmic/Dark Star is just, underwhelming. Compare these to the 1000 futuristic/tech skin lines we have and it gets even more aggravating. Please either add a chroma to make SG Zoe, Xayah and Rakan brighter, or add a separate skin like what you did to Lunar/Solar Leona, I don't even care about buying it separately, people are still gonna buy them.
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