If I could pick skinlines...

If I could pick skin lineups, with no regard to which champions are the most "profitable", here's what I would pick. **Star Guardian** {{champion:163}} : Taliyah is young and impetuous Star Guardian, uncomfortable with the leadership she has been given, but wants more than anything to prove herself. {{champion:20}} : Chosen for his boundless wonder and curiosity, Nunu is one of the youngest Star Guardians. His fearsome familiar, Willump, fights alongside him to protect the First Star. {{champion:63}} : Consumed with rage and burning with starfire, Brand feels out of place on Taliyah's team, but his passion and power are undeniable. {{champion:133}} : Quinn and her familiar, Valor, have been tasked to train these new Star Guardians and make sure they are up to their daunting mission. Vs. {{champion:6}} (Dark Star Guardian) One of the oldest Star Guardians, long thought dead with the rest of his team, Urgot has been corrupted by dark matter, and seeks to snuff put the First Star. A desperate, ragtag team of Star Guardians are the only thing standing in his way. **Program** {{champion:432}} : A glitch in the code, a rogue entity that evades all of Program's attempts to contain or delete it. It's purpose and mission are unknown, so it's being left to it's own strange devices... For now {{champion:82}} : A domineering enforcer, tasked with containing and destroying Program's foes when subtlety has failed. Mordekaiser is equipped with the latest advancements in kinetic absorption tech and spacial augmentation. {{champion:50}} : Sold as a digital assistant, Swain's true motives are much more sinister, collecting data and information from every device he is uploaded to and using it to further Program's goals. {{champion:268}} : Azir's digital soldiers compose the frontline of Program's forces, protecting assets and reinforcing territory. This tactical AI has the processing speed of a supercomputer, simulating every outcome. **Coven** {{champion:203}} : Ancient spirits summoned by witches in hopes of gaining power over life and death, but Kindred does not care about their petty mortal desires. Everything has its time. {{champion:134}} : The witch Syndra will do whatever it takes to make herself and her coven the strongest, even if it means conquering life and death itself. {{champion:1}} : Brimming with dark magic, Annie is a young sorceress who toys with power far beyond her understanding. She is the key to a power long forgotten.
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