"Everyone in URF is picking OPs!" -- Unpopular Opinion Thread

All I see when I see people complaining about URF is this statement. This implies, however, that 99% of champions aren't OP when their abilities are on 80% CDR and cost literally nothing. URF is the "everyone is OP" mode. Yes some are more annoying than others (classic examples, Hecarim, Sona) and others are arguably "weaker" in comparison (for example, Shyvana), but everyone is stronger and obnoxious. In the rounds I've played, I forgot how obnoxious Fiora is with her Riposte spam, but LeBlanc learned how annoying Nami is with W spam. Fizz is obnoxious, Ez is obnoxious, Vlad is obnoxious, Nidalee is obnoxious, Wukong, Soraka, Garen, ..... shall I go on? My point is, URF is all about being obnoxious and it's not meant to be a balanced experience. It is supposed to be a silly mode where you say "what would happen if....?" and then find out. If anything, it can help you appreciate the balance of others champs in the game as they are. At least you can laugh while you spam abilities and go flying with a cannon across the map. It's not like ARAM where you are kinda stuck with luck of the draw; you can choose what you think you'll have fun with playing this round and just go with it. So quit complaining, let go of the need to win, ban the champ you don't wanna play against, pick what you want, and **have fun!** Reminder what URF was and where it came from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=misAyNLuoQg
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