Pulsefire Thresh looks like garbage...

So the last two skins we received(thresh mains) have been absolutely fantastic!(Dark Star and High Noon) While we are very grateful for these skins, I have got to say. Riot really dropped the ball on this one. Being a member of the Thresh mains community, I have heard tons of negative feedback on this skin. 90% of the time when this skin is discussed, people are talking about how garbage it is. Here are frequent comments I've heard from many people so far... _**Negative Features**_ **1.** Thresh's head is way too small and looks ridiculous. It looks like they put Azir's head onto Thresh's body. Even the people who like the skin say that the head looks wrong. **2.** The ribbons replacing his chains on his hook and his lantern. Oh, and even more ribbons on his head... The ribbons look silly and clash terribly with the champion's theme. This evil robot themed skin has no room for ribbons. Everyone hates them. **3.** His hook looks tiny in game. It looks very narrow/slim. It looks very odd and unfamiliar. **4.** I have heard complaints that the souls have a very piercing sound that is off-putting. _**Positive Features**_ **1.** Thresh's VFX for Lantern, Flay, and Ultimate look good. **2.** The recall is ok. Nothing crazy. It's alright though. There was a leak a few months ago that said Thresh would receive a new skin and a prestige skin. The Thresh mains has been excited and anxiously waiting for a this new skin to be released. Saving up our prestige points so that we can get this new skin as soon as it drops! And after a couple of months of saving, waiting, and guessing, what fantastic Thresh skin could possibly be worthy of a Prestige edition? We are all let down with this abomination. This absolute atrocity. Hell, even non thresh players have expressed that they think the skin is garbage. Truly one of the biggest let downs the Thresh mains community has received. Please. We beg you. Make some changes to the skin before you release it. _Yours truly, ThreshOuttaNames_
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