Thanks Balance and/or Gameplay Design Team for Upcoming Changes

Just quickly went through the PreSeason Patch notes and wanted to share my initial thoughts First of all, THANKS to the Balance and/or Gameplay Design Team for all their hard work on the Upcoming Changes for Season 10 1. Especially for the Dragon Changes (minus the Ocean Rift Element Territorial Change *Bush Cheese Shenanigans*) -The other territorial changes seem like a refreshing change of pace. My personal favorite seemingly being Infernal Rift Element at the moment -The Dragon SOUL idea is GREAT. Ocean Soul Seems Incredibly Over-Powered Though. --I think the amount of Drakes required for Dragon Soul should be increased at least to 5. Even better would be to trend towards 6 or more and have the Dragon Respawn Timer scale down to 3:30 as Game Time Increases to around 25 minutes -I like the Reduced Strength of Drake Buffs. 2. The Alcoves are a question mark of mine. I certainly do not think they were needed at this time. Perhaps they will increase interesting play patterns, but I fear that it will result in silly chases in circles for 10-15 seconds until the rest of the team arrives Anyways Thanks for the Hard Work! I'm getting excited for Season 10 already!
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