It's time Riot had a hard look at player mods and removed them

I am tired of these power abusing players who are not held held accountable for their bad modding. For example, I had one mod on here remove a post where I used the work "re******ed" when talking about a concept riot pushed months ago. It got removed and I got in trouble, whatever. The thought that language is still a baneble thing is stupid in a game rated M in some places, but whatever. I made a follow up post saying how I didn't associate the word with people because it offends them and by saying that the mods consider it linked to people is dumb. I didn't say dumb, but I explained the word shouldn't be associated with handicapped people, Jews, or any one since they said calling people jews was somehow a negative...? The mods then delete that post, which had nothing offensive in it and was an explanation to my use of language. Then the same mod went through my entire post history, found where I said "bi******" with a female champion, which aren't real people, and muted me. Dude literally targeted me on purpose to have something on me. Maybe I shouldn't have said it, fine, but the dude abused his power to be able to mute me since one offense doesn't get you in trouble on here. I report the kid for falsely muting me the second time, Riot doesn't do anything about and the same mod " accidently" sends me a ban notification addressed to another player, basically a "I didn't get removed even after you reported me" type move. That is just one example. I am also tired of them deleting any post they want by just saying that the post was not detailed enough. If I have a one sentence post and it's legit, what right do they have to delete it? Am I supposed to write a 16 page paper to ask something like when a champion is coming out or something which only requires a sentence to say? That is them just abusing power. Same thing with the "rant" section. Anything even a bit negative on any of these threads and it is "belongs in the rants", but no it doesn't. Me addressing a issue I have been frustrated with for years doesn't belong in rants just because It doesn't have rainbows coming out my ass. There has been a serious history of mods abusing power and targeting people on here, either for themselves or friends, which has happened to me. I have had mods delete my posts, but their friends didn't get blamed until another mod came and looked it over. I am tired of their abusive nature, they need to be replaced with Rioters who can and should be held accountable for what they do.
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