Riot Zhanos destroying diana on purpose

Small Diana Gameplay changes coming to PBE
EDIT from 5/17: Going to pull all those changes out in the next few days besides the Q spell and the QoL on it. Thanks everyone for the feedback (positive and negative alike) and discussions generated.
This guy tried to do same 4 months ago and he attacks again ?? i really have no idea why is he doig this ?! 1. Diana got w nerf few patches ago. 90% lol poputation dont know cuz it was "bug" her w would do 500 dmg now just 300. 2. reducing her dmg and gives her more movement speed ???? this one is rly lack of exp on diana. 3.R change 0.5 sec to 1??? reason is what ? when i dive enemy adc and down him to 30% hp i cant finish him in next 1 sec with seccond r ? ill be standing in place watching his whole team and hoping they wont trow any cc on me or dmg me at all??? this change can work on mid lane when u long fight enemy so it doesnt rly metters. i have to say adc in master + build maw+mercurial 80% times or phantom dancer 550shild + mercurial. IF I CANT KILL THAT ADC WHY DF I WOULD EVEN PICK DIANA OVER OTHER MID LANERS ??? GIVE ME 1 REASON ? I CANT EVEN KILL ENEMY ADC ? xD WHATS POINT ?" no bro u can but u just have to wait 1 sec so they have time to react" ye ye and how that gonna work ? adc out of position solo invading our jungl? 4. AGAIN he is trying to remove Diana rqr combo AND FEW MORE THEY DONT SAY IN PATCH NOTES CUZ 90% DONT KNOW BUT STILL THEY ARE HERE: 5. RQR REMOVED - TELL ME HOW MANY PLAYERS DOES THIS COMBO, 1-5 IN WORLD, AND WHY ARE U REMOVING IT ?? 6. E changes are good keep them. 7. all what diana needs is Ap scalling on her E, 0 base dmg but 10-20% ap scalling and thats all. 8. i have played over 10k games with diana on 5 servers u cant know better than me just because u work in riot and u played her 10 times. ill share this on few discords to see ppl reactions.
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