Why are there so many "Riot should not focus on toxicity" threads right now??

I don't want to hear that I should kill myself. I don't want to hear that I'm trash. I don't want people to flame my boyfriend. One of my friends tried the game out. She quit after a few games because everyone was so fucking toxic. "You can just mute" What if a person has a really bad day, is really sad and just want to play a game, and is later told to kill himself because he died twice? What fucking good would a mute do by then? Stop talking like toxicity isn't a problem, because it is. Edit. So I see alot if people saying "you just need to grow a thicker skin". No I don't. You need to fucking behave. Why is it so fucking hard to just behave? "They should not ban people, give them perm chatbans instead" For the 100th time, **that does, not work, Riot has tried that before, and it ended up in people finding other ways to behave toxic**. Why is this even a thing? Why do I even have to bring it up? Rather than claiming that I'm a snowflake, just **grow the fuck up** and stop being toxic.
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