If Riot would put forth effort like they do their skins, the game would be a lot healthier to play.

* Jungling consists of cheesing right now, and just sits top lane for the first 8 minutes of the game. * Autofill is completely toxic to deal with in ranked, people give up before the game even starts. * People are allowed to first time champions in ranked. (_**I understand champion swapping is a thing**_). * Winning steaks completely breaks matchmaking. * I've been getting bug splatted more often. * People are just giving up over everything right now. * Blue Essense is an ass system, I don't like having to play 12 games to level up so I can buy a champion. * All it takes is one player to ruin the game for everyone else right now because of how much free gold there is being thrown around. * Comebacks are damn near impossible because of the previous statement above. (_**Tower plating is the main culprit here, you get 800 gold plus first tower bonus gold for taking all of them**_.) * Players are allowed to int freely as long as they don't say anything in game. (_**I don't mean running it down mid, I mean purposely losing the game via farming all game, running around in circles and not grouping with the team for example**_). Etc. Seriously though, if Riot would put forth any ounce of effort like they do their skin line, they game would feel so much better to play. It's like their focusing on making money rather than fixing the game itself, which doesn't make any sense to me. I get they're a company, but in order for people to buy skins, they need to at least enjoy the game.
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