i am hardstuck plat 4 because nearly every game i queue up into 2 or more people, not even one person at this point, its multiple people every game that does on or multiple of the following actions: INT because who knows why people int. afk/ rage quit because again reason? why do they do this? OR they stay in the game and troll the entire time doing EVERYTHING in their power to lose the game. i'm about to demote back to gold yet again because of this shit. 6 games in a row over 2 days, (i stopped playing after 4 games the first day because the trolls are out in force) i understand people have bad games, again looking at the last 6 games my scoreline isnt good on most of them (hint if you watch vod you will see teammates killing me or me not being able to survive because my teams inted) but can we ban these people who dont want to win/dont want to play/ actively want to lose. hell maybe just ban them from ranked play if you dont want to lose 80% of your playerbase. but please im just trying to climb not queue up to lose games and get angry EDIT: i didnt know pyke q and e where bugged to shit or i wouldnt have played the champ (every q had a 2 second delay and e was going off randomly
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