Why the jungle experience changes doesn't work, and a method on how to fix it.

The problem with these jungle nerfs is that they didn't really do any nerfs to actual exp gain from level 1-2. This just means that no matter what, your first camp will still always give you level up. What does this mean though? All this really meant is that level 2 gankers like {{champion:164}} and {{champion:5}} became more op than they already were. If they took red buff, all they had to do was take a little gank top or bot. Nothing changed about their ganking pattern (aka take red, gank). They still got their early gank in, and probably snowballed the rest of the game after getting one good kill. What does this mean for other junglers? A lot of junglers were harmed because of this. In reality, this experience hotfix did nothing but buff the level 2 gankers while nerfing all the others. Since almost all the other camps besides the buffs were nerfed, that means every jungler besides the level 2 gankers. Post level 2, the other camps won't give you as much experience. That means that even level THREE gankers like {{champion:60}} were nerfed simply because everything past level 2 was nerfed as well. It was the worst for farming junglers like {{champion:28}} and {{champion:11}} because they took even longer to catch up than level 3 junglers. In retrospect, all this meant was that the level 2 gankers stayed OP af while everyone else bit the dust. How can we stop this? 1. The main theme we see here is that one jungle camp will still always give you level 2. Rather than nerfing experience for everybody in the game, nerf the first experience for jungle camps so that junglers will be 99% to level 2. If the jungler starts red, all they will have to do is take 1 small raptor to gain the level 2. if the jungler starts blue, then all they will have to do is take 1 small wolf to get their level two. On paper, this may seem small. You might be thinking, "It's only one small monster you have to take to get level 2, so why even bother? It's not like it'll change much anyway...l". And you're not wrong for thinking this. However, in reality, the point of level 2 gankers are to get red and gank as QUICKLY as possible. Even a few seconds of a delay can be crucial for gankers. Plus, something else to keep in mind is aggro. Even a powerful early game jungler like Xin Zhao doesn't have 500 health. Especially considering that all these early gankers go red buff, there are more raptors than wolves, and raptors will chunk more of their health. Therefore, this causes level 2 gankers to have to tank more damage and take a tad bit longer to gank. So while it may seem stupid at first, doing this can actually save a first blood. 2. Nerf red buff Red buff is significantly stronger than blue buff. Red buff gives more damage, a burn on damage, health regeneration, and a slow on auto attacks, while all blue gives is mana regeneration and cooldown reduction. You might as well discount CDR, considering early game, cooldowns don't make that much of a difference. It's only when you have 15-20% CDR that blue buff is actually useful. Red buff is so op, in fact, that even AP junglers who use a decent amount of mana like {{champion:28}} or {{champion:60}} are forced to take red simply because of how op the buff is. Something that level 2 gankers such as {{champion:164}} and {{champion:5}} have in common is that they start red. From my experience, the worst part about having to fight vs red buff is the slow that it gives. If you count, red buff gives 4 things while blue buff gives 2. And if you think about it, blue smite gives a slow while red buff doesn't. What I'm proposing is that Riot should remove the slow from red buff, and instead, transfer it to blue buff so that the blue buff can be better for utility. As mentioned before, raptors do more damage than wolves, so if you do this along with the whole level 1 + small camp thing, that means that blue buff could actually be useful again. Sincerely, A Kha'Zix main
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