OPINION: Junglers and Laners fight a lot because they don’t understand each others’s perspectives.

It’s extremely easy to fall for the trap of believing the scenario you plan out as being the best course of action. It’s also easy to get mad at others for not cooperating with those ideas. Ultimately it’s important to understand that your teammates all have a different idea on what optimizes their win chance. And you’ll come into conflict of ideas when you think a certain objective should be contested when your allies disagree. You’ll find yourself in a position where you think there is no reason why your jungler shouldn’t be ganking your lane. Not really thinking that they’re working towards a different goal that they believe is more important at that given moment. The same applies vice versa. As a jungler you may want to gank a certain opponent or contest an objective while your allies either don’t want to do so and or are currently working on obtaining a different goal. In both scenarios it’s extremely easy to start raging at your allies for not agreeing with your flawless logic and strategy that you communicated telepathically. Just take the time to think that your ally has other plans and that they don’t see wins the same way you do.
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