Is it just me or does Pyke not seem like a Supp?

After going through Pykes reveal, one thing seemed very confusing, why is he being created as a "support"? Like I get his pull and his ult giving players who got assists full gold and xp, but the rest of his kit seems like it has no business bot and will get destroyed by mages or really any REAL supp champ. Not to mention his thematic has no supp like qualities. He is a tortured soul looking for revenge, but instead of being the one to cross the people off his list by himself he helps people do it for him??? Am I missing something cause that makes no sense to me. Reading everything on the page made me feel like he is an assassin, as well as some of the videos, they have him going in solo doing good dmg and killing by himself. I fail to see how he is meant to be played supp, let alone how he will succeed in that role. He seems like someone with a kit like malz or brand where they can work bot, but really aren't meant to go there. Anyway that's just my thoughts on Pyke after seeing the reveal. Edit: I guess I blanked when looking over his E I didn't realize it stunned so that makes a little more sense but he still seems better in a solo lane imo.
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