I mean, I know Zoe is annoying and all, but...

you are beating on a champion rather stable at the moment, which was confirmed by my last posts about Zoe. I understand that Zoe is frustrating to play against, but beating her with a ~~150%~~ to 125% AP scaling on her Q is rather much. Never the less confusing, she barely one-shots, and is countered rather hard at the moment. Honestly, I was thinking of a nerf that would not decimate her, but could not find any real solution. I was also looking around the Board and Reddit to find any fuss about Zoe. None, most are from two years ago and some are from early Season 8. It comes to me as rather odd, since her WR is 49% while having a Pr of 7%. While only sitting at a low 9% Br. While champions like {{champion:3}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:38}} have nice numbers on their Wr and Pr, with a high Br. Trumping Zoe in most numbers, I have also seen more frustration towards those champions too. But people have always complained about Zed, nothing new there. Even in my elo, Zoe is not a problem, she has a 48% Wr, a 5% Pr, and with a low Br of 5%. If this nerf should go through you must buff other places of her kit. Beat me on the head that I am a Zoe main, but I will rather have her playable that strong. This will make her unplayable to even the most experienced Zoe player. With also the hung of a {{item:3916}} nerf would make her even weaker. The only places she is mighty is in Diamond+ Korea, while NA and EUW are showing her at a low. But when we look at Plat+ Korea she is at a 49% Wr, with a good solid 11% Pr, but still with a low 11% Br. There is no reason or good justification for Zoe's nerf. Who is doing this? Leave this poor girl alone Riot, for just one... damn... season. There is no fuzz, no limited counterplay, no low skill ceiling, no perma-one-shot combos, no strong wave clear, and no super high numbers. WHY, Zoe? Out every champion, that has more fuzz and better numbers, Zoe for some odd reason should be given a red light for some OP reason. WHAT THE FUCK, IS THIS REASON? I understand that she is frustrating to play against, but since her Br is so low, people must be ok with her. In the comments, please, give me any reason that is good enough to justify this. I mean come on Riot, why, over every champion with better numbers and more fuzz, why Zoe?
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