Prestige Skins in Mythic Crafting.

This is a pretty simple concept and the title sums it up. Add the prestige skins into Mythic Crafting, they're considered Mythic tier so why not add them in there? You're still making money from folks and those of us with real world issues get a better chance to unlock skins we want but don't have the time to get. During Worlds I was in and out of a hospital because I have a failing Liver(Sugar is bad for you kids lemme tell you.) It seems unfair to me and others with similar reasons or other time constraints that we are now permanently locked out of KDA Kai'Sa Prestige Edition. Mythic Crafting would solve this issue pretty easily, add Prestige skins to the Gemstone store and we can eventually get the skins without so much pressure. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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