A (hopefully) thoughtful discussion about funneling in 3v3 / 3's / Twisted Treeline

Hello everyone. Before I start, I just want to say that I absolutely love playing 3's, and I want to see it become the best, and most enjoyable game mode that it can be. To that end, I want to start a discussion about funneling in Twisted Treeline. Before funneling found it's way to SR, I only knew it as "Support Comp". If you play ranked TT, you probably would notice that as you climb out of silver into mid-Gold, teams start to play support comp / funnel comp, and as you climb much higher, I imagine it becomes far more prevalent. For myself and a few friends that I play ranked with, funneling is a huge source of frustration for a few reasons: 1) It's too strong as an offensive and defensive strategy - If you try to early invade the funnelers to deny jungle gold, often times you get out-valued anyway due to their support being a tanky, supporty, guardian, heal, exhaust bot (see Braum, Leona, Taric, Poppy as best cases). The amount of resources you have to expend to bring one of them down is enormous, especially if our comp wasn't specifically set up to counter funneling (which I'm not sure what that looks like anyway). If you don't invade, the carry gets hyper fed, the support gets fairly good value from the support item and becomes far too unkillable early, and you generally find out that you've lost to them by the 10-15 min mark. 2) It severely limits champion picks and bans - I know TT has never been that great at being balanced, and I can deal with that if all else was more or less equal. But for us its a death sentence if we don't ban Taric in every single game. And there are a handful of other champs who with the popularity of funneling I never want to see in a game of TT ever again unless it stops. I could go on about this but it would end up being more a rant. I'd be more interested to hear other's opinions on this. 3) Its UNFUN to play, and to play against. This is probably a biased opinion, but early in its incarnation in 3's, we tried doing funneling, and we hated it. The games were slow to start, had very little fighting early, and were just farm sessions until the carry was fed enough to kill everyone, or die to the other carry who would kill everyone. Of course, then you get what we run into now which is the top / jg / bot comp vs funneling, which is imho the least fun I have while playing league. Roughly 90% of the matches we play feel like futile endeavors. Even if we end up getting a few early kills and get ahead, the carry almost always gets a big enough lead soon after to eventually destroy us with the help of their bulky shieldy front line. The un-interactive nature of the top lane and jungle makes the matches so slow and like creeping death- you know its coming, but exactly when the match will turn and you will all die is uncertain. I wrote this because I just read this from the quick gameplay thoughts: **What about Twisted Treeline, funneling has been going on there for a long time ** **It has, and that means changing it's a pretty substantial upheaval, given it's so core to how TT's been played for quite a while. At least in the short term we'll be keeping these changes that nerf gold funneling on SR only. ** And I want to be at least one person to come out and say: **_I don't want funneling in Twisted Treeline. I don't care if it's core. Your other balances on SR change the state of TT all the time without compensation and we adjust. I would much rather have fun._** TLDR: Please just start by removing support items in Twisted Treeline and see what happens.

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