Anyone else feel the higher they climb the worse they feel at the game?

I just hit plat for the first time (plat 4 2019 lul) even though I have played since season 1. I am pretty excited about it no doubt, but it also feels weird. I used to always look at plat "omg this dude plat" back in my hard stuck silver days. But now that I am here or around it idk.... I just feel like super trash at the game lol. But at the same time I also feel like I am better than I have been at the game. It's definitely a funny feeling that's for sure. I am sure it's just because on one hand you start playing better players who exploit your mistakes and weaknesses more showing you that you still have a ton to learn. But I still feel like.... super shit even if I play in an all silver game with friends. But I guess it's more of "I am not good enough to 1v9 this game against bunch of fed champs in this burst meta" rather than thinking those players are actually good at the game. But yea idk.... I will play with buddies in ranked on a second account that's in silver and we get shit stomped a lot lately lol. Silver elo is such a headache man i don't care what people say. But at the same time if I get a lead and my team doesn't hard int from the start I usually put up a pretty good k/d/a game and carry pretty hard. Side note: It weird that I find players who are like clearly newer at the game adorable when they try to trash talk players who are clearly more experienced? Even though I am an old man by this game standards these days I still trash talk a lot more than I should at least in norms. It's more out of fun and generally nothing too serous or bad. But omg it was so adorable in a game I played last night. I was just trying to farm some mastery tokens on {{champion:67}} because I haven't played her in awhile and I am beyond trash at her.... but figured I would give it a shot since it just normals and my normal mmr is super garbage anyways. I get paired up against an {{champion:22}} (who is my most played adc this season). I could instantly tell she wasn't super experienced with the game and was well below the skill level of all the other players. I didn't really have much time to think about it though as my team was losing hard and enemy team was diving me as much as possible every chance we got. Luckily in the end we won and I somehow carried I guess? Idk.... I had good k/d/a I guess but holy fuck I cannot stop canceling autos with vayne Idk how people play adc as her at higher elos. But anyways the entire game this {{champion:22}} is all chat talking trash to me. And funniest part is I agreed with them.... like I know I am a trash player especially at {{champion:67}} haha, but obviously was a lot better than them since they were clearly new. Anyways I didn't really say much just laughed. I did hit them up something in post game chat basically saying "Yo I seen you talking shit kid you better improve if you want to beat me someday". Idk I thought the whole thing was funny and adorable. I am just so used to people talking shit in this game since playing since season 1. I get it makes people mad but honestly if you don't take it too seriously especially in norms it can be fun/funny.
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