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Look, I get it, people want to pay less for things, right? But a cheaper console isn't going to solve much of the issues, especially when so many fundamental parts of it are scrapped. Not only that, but the console price is the tip of the iceberg for gaming. All it takes is about 5 $60 games to cover the cost of a console, or 4 games if you are getting the Lite. With the Lite version of the switch, it has no TV dock, non detachable joycons, no rumble, and smaller screen. Not only that, but you will have to buy additional accessories to play certain games such as a pro controller and stand, so you will ultimately end up paying the same amount for the Switch regardless. I already thought the Switch's screen was tiny, and I wouldn't ever want a smaller one for nearly the same price. The screen size is already so small that playing multiplayer games on one switch is extremely difficult for seeing, especially mario kart. If you don't like the TV mode, that's ok! Your screen will still be bigger, and you can switch out your joycons. There are also issues with the joycons that can only be fixed by removing them and getting new ones, so if your joycon gets busted on the Lite, you will have to buy another Lite. let's say you are only getting the switch for one game? That's a terrible waste of money, as you will be paying $260 for one game. If you can sneeze nearly $300 for a single game, you shouldn't have an issue saving up another money for a better version of the switch that costs a game and a half more. Lets also not forget that the Lite will not be easy to carry as you can't detach the joycons. The 2DS was successful because the 3D graphics were not impressive and it still had everything else to it, this isn't a Switch anymore, it's basically an ipad. I don't know, Nintendo, this isn't your finest moment. The Switch Lite is a trap that will save you the initial costs of gaming, but will lower the quality of life for the future gaming experiences. TL;DR: You will be paying $100 less for lots of the features removed from the original switch, you will have a smaller screen, you will have to pay $70-90 for either a joycon or pro controller, and you are not better off saving money on the console.
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