Owning every obtainable skin in the game as of completing 10th Day mission for legendary skin.

So I know from a content creator I follow that if you owned every available skin thru the crafting system like I do, you could contact Riot Support and they'd allow you to pick one limited skin from the list of the 3 PAX skins, Rusty Blitz, Urfwick, and OG Championship Riven. I'm just wondering if I maybe sent the ticket the wrong way or if its just Riot Support being slow about responding cause I've had the ticket in there since roughly 4pm CST yesterday and haven't heard a peep. I sent it under "Event Question" > 10 Year Anniversary > Anniversary Missions and did label it appropriately. I just don't want to miss out on getting PAX Sivir cause out of those 7 skins, that's the one I really want especially since i missed Neo PAX Sivir by a few months before I started playing.
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