Riot is being mismanaged. Twisted treeline, cursor. Just more additions. More proof that this company is being mismanaged. This company is actively killing their product and they don't even know it. If they actually cared about the player, why would they constantly make the game worse for the dedicated player? What benefit is there to the player to RESTRICT the content available to the player? RIOT makes over a billion dollars annually, but they cannot for the life of them understand basic facets of their own product. I posted it in the link above, and I'll post it again. In 2017, RIOT made 2.1 billion dollars. In 2018 - In one year - they lost 700 million in revenue. One whole fucking quarter of their previous annual revenue. What recourse have they taken to un-shittify their product? ZILCH. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. They have doubled down on regressive business practices in the video game market. They have continued to neglect the playerbase. They have ignored feedback, which their customers are absolutely dying to tell them to their faces. Even TenCent, their very own parent company, is starting to see a slowdown in profit, which, by the end of this year, could result in negative growth. -------------(2016) -----------------------------------------------------(2018) -----------------------------------------------------------------------------(2019) So when your company as a whole is looking like its going to lose money slowly over the coming years, you do something, right? When you're struggling to make growth on a product you sell, you usually try and do something to revive it, right? **N O P E!** Just full steam ahead like we have been for the last 3 years, despite the fact that we've lost a huge amount of players. Despite the fact that we're going to keep losing money as basically every indicator for profit suggests. League had the potential to be a huge money maker and great game with the monumental 100 million playerbase in 2017, but they absolutely squandered it. They fucked up big time, and they're doing nothing to keep players from hemorrhaging. Why? Because they couldn't give two shits about League. This is just another Cash cow, just like all of TenCents games. People have said it before. That the game will die because of how bad it is, and people ignored them. Saying that "the games never going to die!". Then they lost 700 million, and they tried to compensate with tons more skins. This didn't help at all. People left in droves as their profit shows. People started to say "LoL is dying!" but everyone, again, ignored them. Because apparently they're not bleeding players and money like crazy. Now, the parent company is heading into times where they will absolutely lose money, unless they do something huge. What are they doing with LoL, in order to grow the game, to keep revenue in the green? Nothing. They're doing absolutely nothing to help Riot make back any positive growth, and they're doing nothing to use one of their most successful products to create any positive growth. "Oh but they made TFT!" What? A clone of a game they didn't invent? That'll be gone in a year, that barely makes money, fractures the playerbase, and is just as broken, if not more broken than LoL? If this is the big innovation that's meant to be good for business, then god help Riot, and pray that TenCent fucking does something, because Riot sure as shit doesn't have anything up its sleeve for the long run. And LoL clearly isn't the golden child.
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