Kayle, why is she so ugly? (rant)

There is just something unnerving about her face, something distasteful. And her helmet. Nothing wrong with her helmet, per say, but I think going the Pantheon way would of done her a favor. You know, her face being obstructed by the darkest of shadows. Though, sadly the issue arises when her helmet is removed and we see her mug again. And her hair, what is that mess? How was it okay to implement that hair on her? Am I the only one who thinks that? And I think we've already meme'd enough the full-body spandex, or have we? But not only that, but why is the solid steel part of her armor skin-tight? How does she move around when that plate of steel is literally hugging her? Not to mention the spike of her chestplate, if she bends forward even just a tiny bit, that thing would gut her. Start the match, Kayle sneezes, **FIRST BLOOD** ______________ @Riot have you seen a youtuber called [T B Skyen](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCH9Upwx0Bvoy7Tkj4JGaKnw)? He makes great videos about champion artworks in regards to fitting their lore, the game's overall lore, their practicality, etc. I believe it would be of your benefit to check out some of his critique and feedback. _______________ Lastly, about Aether Wing Kayle, please don't make her speech voice robotic. I don't believe anyone asked for this. I certainly didn't. It turns her from Alita Battle Angel into Blender, if you know what I mean. Seriously, the robotic voice filter is just terrible for her. **EDIT:** Oh yeah... _HER DEATH ANIMATION! KEEP THE OLD ONE!_ I hope you don't remove her badass death animation with this skin. /rant {{champion:10}}
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