Dishonorable Players vs Honorable Players

Like I'm on the Dishonorable side of this but I just want to say, irl I'm hella Honorable. This game make people toxic. not to say because it allow CHATTING in-game and even Chatting with the Enemy team. Shouldn't RiotGames ever consider that they shouldn't allow Chatting with the Enemy team, since some tilting player get so tilted they start ALL CHATTING telling the enemy where their own Jungler is..... (That alone is a form of CHEATING) --------- Like there are so many things that make this game toxic but RiotGames still allow those feature to be in it. -All Chat -Queing Players who loss together in the same game into the same game again, even after they verbally argue with one another and report each other (That alone should already tell RiotGames they don't want to be in the same team again) -Held hostage in a hard losing game, even tho it's winnable it's not worth winning anyway (Like my Yasuo is 0-10.... Does he deserve to win? No, but when he get carry for the win, like can you really say he did anything? No.) If I'm basically the one single player keeping this game alive. I should have the power to quit this game because I'm the only one trying. -Plain Toxic Game
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