What is the WORST game of LoL you've ever played?

> Firstly, I will ask nobody be judgmental or inflammatory here on how terrible something is. This is for those cringey, "omg that's horrible!" reactions, but nothing over the top. Please don't make the mods lock this post. Play nice, banter a bit if you will, but don't become the reason we can't have nice threads meant to innocently make fun of ourselves. To clarify: this is not a post for "because my teammates sucked" stories. Those are a dime a dozen, they're negative and hateful, and quite honestly not even remotely fun to read. This is a "for fun" post to describe (as if gathered around a campfire telling horror stories) the most abysmal, embarrassing game that *you* personally ever messed up beyond all comprehension...while actually trying, of course. --- Such as the time I was so worn out from work that when trying to log into LoL to play (DRAFT, NOT RANKED!) with a friend, I was using my work credentials to try and log in like I was doing training videos on the work computer...at one point I was literally open to close, with about a 2 hour break between shifts. It was about on par with a 16 hour day, every day, for about a week by the time of this story, in an understaffed restaurant. I knew already I should have just been going to bed, but he'd been asking all week for me to play a game, so I tried to play *one* game before I keeled over from exhaustion. That one game went SO BADLY that the enemy team (after being told in all chat I'm all-but-literally playing with my eyes closed) told two of their members to afk farm in jungle and proceeded to *easily* 3v5 at one point, because I fed THAT hard. The kicker? This 3v5 pubstomp started at around 12 minutes in, before the early surrender vote was in place. Their humor lasted for a few more minutes before the two that sat out (Their ADC and Top) got bored and pushed up to end the game pre-20. I was like 1/20-something/3 support at around 17 minutes. The *definitive* MVP...of the wrong team. Needless to say, it was the last time friend-o tried peer pressuring me into a game when I was tired...and I got a warning (fortunately, no ban) for bad player behavior (that I deserved for even trying to play that game in such a state of fatigue) from being pretty much a class-A inting troll. I will stress: I *was* actually trying, I was just that far gone. {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}} Your turn: most embarrassing or terrible game *you've* ever played.
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